The Edge of Seventeen

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Today I am gonna review a movie that I did watch yesterday even I am not a good judge tho.

Directed byKelly Fremon Craig
Produced by
Written byKelly Fremon Craig

The Edge of seventeen is an upcoming-age and comedy movie. basically this kind of movie trying to show us how the life of a teenager begin to a next level. which we can understand that those kids will face some problem, complication and confusion in the beginning of adulthood.(whoever reach 18 year old ı guess they know how was it)

The cast of this movie as shown above are Hailee Steinfeld(Pitch Perfect 2), Woody Harrelson(Hunger Game), Kara Sedgwick, Haley Lu Richardson and Blake Jenner(known for Glee). I really loves the Hailee Steinfeld performance in this movie. she was so badass and funny for Nadine character.


In the beginning of the movie, Nadine(Hailee) meet her teacher Mr. Bruner(Woody Harrelson) and saying that she is going to kill herself. later on the movie start to flashback what happen before. from that  beginning we know that Nadine lives with her single mom, Mona and he older brother, Darian(Blake Jenner). the narrative(Nadine) reveal that Nadine have a social problem since she was young. She keep compare her brother perfect, cool and handsome brother to her miserable ugly life. in second grade she got no friend and get bullied until she met Krista and they became friend since then. Her family and her faced more difficulty father her father died when she was 13. 

While her Mona away, Nadine and Krista got drunk in house. Krista ended up sleeping with Darian which lead Nadine mad at both of them as she was so disgusted with Darian's perfect life which she think he can steal anybody away from her including her bestfriend, Krista. Nadine forced Krista to choose her or Darian which she chose to keep seeing Darian. Both Krista and Darian invited Nadine to a party which she felt awkward and later on she called Erwin, a nice Korean boy whom she met at school. they both spent the night in an amusement park.

She had a crush on Nick who work at pet local store. In the school when she dont have any friend in the lunch time,  Mr. Bruner has become Nadine's go-to person for support. (this part is super funny and extremely a fucktard btw). Later he gave her his phone number in case she need some help in the future. she went back home and called Erwin to share swimming in his place and figure out he is very rich but lonely living alone in a big house while his parent away to Korea for 3 month. It revealed that Erwin is a talented illustrator and then he invited her to student film festival on Saturday.

The next day, in order to avoid argument with Krista, Nadine join her mother at work which at the end they had a fight and steal the car drove to a park. Angrily Nadine wrote an sexually explicit text and accidentally sent to Nick who she secretly admire him. So the movie turn to the moment at the beginning Nadine run to Mr. Burner saying she want to kill herself. He keep calm her down. later she received a text from nick who want to meet her that night.

they met and stop in car. thing didnt go well after she get insulted by Nick when she refuse to have sex with him(that is good). he called Mr Burner to pick her up and stay in his house for a while before Darian take him. later they had a fight and Darian told him how he care about the family. Fianlly he asked Mr burner to his sister home. the conversation they had was super inspring. haha. lmao.

Back at their home, Nadine confesses to her brother that for the longest time, she has been dealing with self-hatred, intensified by her jealousy of him. Darian acknowledges her pain, and for the first time, the two hug and their feud comes to an end. the next day she woke up early and greet Krista and Darian. she went to the student film festival whom later she understand the animation short story that Erwin made was dedicated to her. Erwin joking said it was not related to her. Erwin is congratulated by his colleagues. When he introduces Nadine to them, she greets them with a smile, finally opening up to others.

 I rate this movie 3.4/5. somehow the storyline is predictable and a bit cliche. but all Hailee and Harrelson perfomances always make me smile and laugh inside. both of them really smartass. Well this movie have a lot of useful message for teenager. and I guess for me too😜 even tough I am already 21. things about life you should and should not do 

  • stop comparing yourself to other
  • stop thinking people are stupid
The line that I like the most from Mona when she get mad. ( I got difficulty  controlling my anger these year) and i hope it is working for me as my life right now kinda messed up.😞

“When I get mad I get really quiet and really still and I say to myself  ‘Everyone in the world is as miserable as you are. They’re just better at pretending'”.
that's all for this time. see ya. te amo.

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