teleferik eyup

12:33:00 AM

10 january 2017

meeting those peeps made my day. 15TL for bufet in Malaysian Restaurant (nasi putih, ayam masak lemak cili x berapi sgt, paru berlada, ulam dan "syrup sprite lemon" aka sirap limau). perut kenyang lepas kali tambah, gerak la slow2 ke eyup tu haaa. x prepare and pakai nipis je be like ermmm

I met new travelling friends. both of them are long term friend. one of them studies in Jordan; Naqib the other one Luqman who will continue studies in Japan. As far as I know Zharif and Kak Rafiah knew both of them during their trip to Bursa last week. And they met again 2 days ago in Malaysian Restaurant.

some photos credit to Zharif and Kak Rafiah the camera woman of the day.

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